Global Day of Action for Afrin 24 March 2018

By Peace in Kurdistan

International campaign in defense of Afrin/Global call for action
Stop Turkey’s war against the Kurdish People in Afrin! Defend Afrin! Supporting the resistance is an historical imperative!

In London the family, friends and comrades of Anna Campbell marched against the barbarism unfolding in Afrin. Her father Dirk said: “Just as you will never forget my daughter who lived, laughed, danced , shared, fought and died with you. Together we will ensure that she did not die in vain”. See full speech here. 

campbell family .JPG

Actions took place across the world on Saturday marking global resistance to the war against the Kurdish people in Afrin. The UK actions included the re-making of Kawa the blacksmith in Dundee.

Kawa reborn.jpg

And in Manchester, the bridges were taken over.

Manchester WhatsApp Image 2018-03-24 at 07.16.57

The criminal assault on Afrin constitutes a new phase in the Turkish state’s war on the Kurdish people. This invasion and genocidal attack has been carried out in front of the eyes of humanity. This assault would not be possible without the complicity of the major powers. The heroic resistance of the Kurds in the struggle for Kobane triggered the breakdown of the peace process and a spill-over of the war in Syria into the Kurdish region of Turkey. The past two years have witnessed human rights atrocities in the Kurdish region of Turkey, with thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands displaced.

Now the war against the Kurds escalates further, with the criminal invasion of Syrian territory. The war crimes against the Kurdish people in Afrin are crimes against humanity; and the resistance of the Kurds is the resistance of humanity. Long live the grass root democracy of Rojava and the democratic confederal model!

We call for the immediate implementation of a ceasefire in Afrin and in all of Syria, as requested by the UN Security Council; the immediate withdrawal of the Turkish army, whose presence in Afrin constitutes a flagrant violation of international law; and the full, inclusive participation of Syrian Kurds and their organisations in the UN-led peace process for a political solution to the Syrian conflict.

Turkey continues the Afrin bloodshed, thus contradicting the UN ceasefire resolution!

 Stop the genocide and ethnic cleansing by the Turkish Army in Afrin!

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