Who We Are

The Kurdistan Solidarity Network (KSN) is a network of groups across Britain that is inspired by, and working in solidarity with, the worldwide Kurdish freedom movement. Learn more about the movement here.


The Kurdistan Solidarity Network began in 20xx as the Kurdish Solidarity Network, and changed to its current name in 20xx. What started as a small grouping of a few friends has grown into a nation-wide network of comrades and fellow-travellers, stretching from [place 1] to [place 2].

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KSN members represent a diverse range of ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds, interests, experience and political views, all united in our support for the aims and ideas of the Kurdish freedom movement.

We organise our work into various Working Groups and Commissions, which you can find out more about here.

Alongside the overarching network, we also organise in various Local Groups which are co-equal with the national network and retain complete autonomy; you can find a list of them here.

You can find our reflections on fallen comrades here.