This page details all of the ongoing campaigns that we are currently involved with.

Our Campaigns


Affiliated Campaigns


#RiseUp4Rojava logo#RiseUp4Rojava! is an international campaign to defend the revolution in Rojava and its achievements. Find out more on the #RiseUp4Rojava! site here.

Make Rojava Green Again

Make Rojava Green Again logoMake Rojava Green Again is a joint project started by the Internationalist Commune of Rojava and the Ecology Committee of the Cizîr‎ Canton, hoping to contribute to the ecological revolution in Northern Syria. Find out more on the Make Rojava Green Again site here.

Women Defend Rojava

Women Defend Rojava logoWomen Defend Rojava was started by Kongra Star to co-ordinate international resistance in solidarity with the women of Northern and Eastern Syria and the Rojava revolution against the occupation war of the Turkish state. Find out more on the Women Defend Rojava site here.

Boycott Turkey

Boycott Turkey logoWe support the campaign to boycott the authoritarian and racist regime in Turkey. Find out more on the Boycott Turkey site here.

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