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Fundraising for resources to support different groups and individuals to take action in our region under the Defend Kurdistan banner.

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To our friends, allies and comrades. Kurdistan is under attack on all sides. It’s time to stand up in solidarity.

On the 19th of November, the Turkish state launched an intensified military operation on Rojava, Kobane, and all over North and East Syria as well as on areas of Southern Kurdistan and the self-administered region of Shengal in Northern Iraq. This operation has involved continuous bombing of civilians, defence forces, hospitals, ambulances, and food supplies, and the use of chemical weapons. A ground offensive has also been announced.

Simultaneously, following the large scale protests and revolution in Eastern Kurdistan and Iran under the rallying cry of Jin Jiyan Azadi, the Iranian state has also launched aggressive attacks which include arrests, torture, rape, and killing of protestors against the regime as well as drone and missile strikes on Southern Kurdistan.

Due to western complicity, governments, the western media, and international bodies have largely remained silent about these invasions. This makes it our own responsibility to raise awareness about the situation and support the people of Kurdistan. As the Defend Kurdistan campaign, in connection with other solidarity groups, we are taking action to raise awareness and to stand in the way of the war machine. In order to do so, we are organising demonstrations and events- and that needs money!

Your donation will be spent on things such as printing, travel costs, venue hire, and other logistics, and if we raise enough can go towards any legal fees or other obstacles people face for standing up in protest.

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Thank you! Solidarity and Serkeftin!

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