Remember Zehra, Hebûn and Emîna!

Call on the international community and people everywhere to take action

This week was the first anniversary of the femicide of Zehra Berkel, Hebûn Mele Xelîl and Mother Emina Weysi by illegal Turkish drones in the village of Helincê, Kobani, in North and East Syria (also know as Rojava, West Kurdistan).

KSN condems the actions of the Turkish state in their attempts to eradicate any legal democratic opposition in Turkey by attacking the offices of the HDP and causing the death of Deniz Poyraz, killed in the attempted arson in the HDP office in Izmir.

People everywhere who believe in democracy should condemn the continued attacks by Turkey against its own citizens and that of its neighbouring countries, including Makhmur refugee camp in Iraq. Denial of access for International Peace Delegates to visit bombed areas is a violation of human rights and dignity. Yet governments’ silence and inaction is a green light too for Turkey to continue its agenda of femicide, genocide and displacement of Kurdish, Armenian and other ethnic groups in the region. 

On 1 July, 2021 Turkey will withdraw from the Istanbul Convention that was created to protect women and children from violence. The pandemic has worsened the situation for many women in places of war and through domestic violence. If, as the Conservative government stated recently, it was committed to protecting and educating women and girls globally, where is their action? Why is it engaging in economic agreements, arms deals and sporting events with a country openly breaking so many international agreements and laws?

We call on the international community and people all over the world to speak out and take action against these atrocities of the Turkish state, to boycott Turkish holidays, sport, cultural events and demand action by the states who consider themselves democratic. 

Sehid Namarin! Biji Kurdistan!

Write to your MP to condemn the attacks in Basur: Turkey: Follow and support the Boycott Turkey campaign and calls to action:

Read more about the femicides of Zehra Berkel, Hebûn and Mother Amîna in this dossier.


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