A conversation with Jinwar – Mon 28 June, 6pm

Jinwar Women’s Village is an ecological women’s village in North and East Syria (Rojava). In Jinwar, women and children are creating a life together based on ecology, democracy and the liberation of women.

Life in the village is communal, with a co-operatively run bakery, a school, a health clinic… a place for women to collectively rediscover, re-establish, and reclaim their inherent freedom.

Kurdistan Solidarity Network took part in conversation with residents of Jinwar on Monday 28 June, to learn about life in a free women’s village, and how women’s liberation and the ecological pillar of the Kurdish freedom movement come together there in daily life.

You can watch a recording of the event here.

Please note: the internet connection and, therefore, the sound quality is not great at certain moments during the talk. We are hoping to make a transcript available. If this is something you can assist with, get in touch with us at kurdistansolidaritynetwork@riseup.net

Tree planting in Jinwar Women’s Village, Rojava (North East Syria).

Find out more at our facebook event page.

You can find out more and keep in touch with Jinwar on Facebook.

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