Unite in Resistance!

Kurdistan Solidarity Network join the call to action to celebrate and defend 9 years of Revolution in Rojava

From 17 – 19 July activists and internationalists will be celebrating alongside our brothers and others sisters in the Kurdish Freedom Movement on the 9th anniversary of the revolution in Rojava. In the spirit of resistance and solidarity we will disrupt, block and occupy against Turkish fascism and all its institutions and international support.

#SmashTurkishFascism #BoycottTurkey

This weekend, comrades in Brighton, including members of SOAS Detainee Support, Sussex Student Action for Refugees and Our Future is Now, will be taking to the streets demanding that TUI stop collaborating with the Home Office’s deportation flights. These flights are violent, racist and unjust.

Last year, TUI became the UK’s main airline carrying out charter deportation flights for the UK Home Office. There have been at least 8 TUI deportation flights since January 2021 and it is likely many more are being planned in the coming months.

TUI is the largest leisure, travel and tourism company in the world, and owns travel agencies, hotels, airlines, cruise ships and retail stores, as well as six European airlines and nine tour operators based in Europe. It has huge operations in Turkey and close ties with Erdogan and the AKP regime. The same holding companies that own  hotels in Turkey own arms and construction companies responsible for irreversible humanitarian and ecological destruction. 

Supporting TUI and its tourism operations involves supporting the Turkish and British states’ role and complicity in the international arms trade, anti-immigration policies, state repression and feminicide.

On Sunday July 18th, in solidarity with migrants in the UK and all over Europe and in solidarity with the ongoing resistance in Rojava against the fascist Turkish regime, we support the protest outside the TUI Store in Brighton which will kick off a united summer of action against the company. 

This weekend and until #TUIDropDeportations, in the spirit of resistance and solidarity let’s #BoycottTUI and #SmashTurkishFascism!


Take part in the Brighton day of action: https://www.facebook.com/events/536489691126550/

Unite in Resistance – call to action on the anniversary of the of the revolution

Read the CorporateWatch report about TUI, it’s links to the Turkish regime, arms industry and anti-immigration:

Follow the days of action on twitter: 

Spread the word – Celebrate 9 years of the Revolution in Rojava!

Take part in the actions and mobilise!

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