Solidarity from Sweden for Dan Burke, Sam Newey and Paul Newey

Comrades in Sweden took this solidarity picture in solidarity with Dan Burke, Paul Newey and Sam Newey. The picture was taken at a May 1st demonstration in Sweden.

Dan Burke is currently in prison on remand, on terrorism charges related to fighting with the Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) in Rojava

Paul Newey is being prosecuted for sending a small amount of money to his son, Dan, who is currently with the YPG in Rojava. Sam is Dan’s brother, and his charges relate to helping his brother fill out a form on the internet

For background information about the repression against Paul and Sam see –

The antifascist struggle of the YPG has nothing to do with terrorism. Instead the YPG has defended the people of Mesopotamia from the genocidal fascism of Daesh (ISIS). The YPG, along with the Womens’ Defence Forces (YPJ) are the crucial self-defence forces of the Rojava revolution.

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