Mayday is a day for remembering comrades facing repression

Revolutionary #Mayday greetings

This mayday, from a locked down world, we held banner drops and sent messages of solidarity with our comrades experiencing repression

#RiseUp4Rojava #StopTheRepression #FreeThemAll

On 1st May two of our comrades were due in court for a plea hearing charged with terrorism. The hearing was postponed at the last minute until May 7th

Solidarity messages for Dan Burke, Sam Newey and Paul Newey were sent from comrades in Germany, Brighton, Cymru, and Qamishlo

Watch the solidarity video from friends in Germany for Dan Burke, Paul and Sam Newey, and the Italian comrade Eddi –


To read about Eddi click here –

About Paul and Sam Newey:

Paul Newey is being prosecuted for sending a small amount of money to his son, Dan, who is currently with the YPG in Rojava. Sam is Dan’s brother, and his charges relate to helping his brother fill out a form on the internet.

you can read some more background here –

Free Dan Burke:


Meanwhile, Dan Burke is currently in prison on remand, on terrorism charges related to fighting with the Peoples’ Protection Units (YPG) in Rojava.

Call for Solidarity:

The antifascist struggle of the YPG has nothing to do with terrorism. Instead the YPG has defended the people of Mesopotamia from the genocidal fascism of Daesh (ISIS). The YPG, along with the Womens’ Defence Forces (YPJ) are the crucial self-defence forces of the Rojava revolution.

#RiseUp4Rojava #StopTheRepression #FreeThemAll

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