Week of Action 1-8 November

Kurdistan Solidarity Network support and join the international call for a week of action and solidarity with #Rojava from 1-8 November 2020. As part of this week of action, we will be making our voices heard in the streets and online to gather strength and take action in support of the democratic and antifascist Rojava Revolution, and against the escalating attacks on Rojava from the Turkish state.

The Rojava Revolution of North and East Syria is a light in dark times; a living example that another world is possible. It is a revolution for all of us, and we must defend it!

For the full global callout, go to: https://riseup4rojava.org/call-international-week-of…/

KSN join #WomenDefendRojava, #RiseUp4Rojava and #MakeRojavaGreenAgain in calling for these days of action. Make your voices loud and #RiseUpAgainstFascism! Follow https://www.facebook.com/KurdistanSolNet for more updates.

Rally for World Kobane Day: Sunday 1st November, 3pm, Trafalgar Square, London, WC2N 5, United Kingdom

On the first day of the #RiseUp4Rojava week of action, join us to rally for World Kobane Day! More details TBA *IMPORTANT* Please observe social distancing and wear a mask. https://www.facebook.com/events/1292196261117501/

The Rojava Revolution is also Your Revolution

Watch and share the new video from Rise Up for 4 Rojava:

Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan: Öcalan’s Sociology of Freedom Online event, 3 November, 7pm UK time

Havin Guneser will talk about ‘The Sociology of Freedom – in defence of society against society-cide’. Havin is an engineer, a journalist and a women’s rights activist. She is one of the spokespersons of the International Initiative for the Freedom of Abdullah Öcalan – Peace in Kurdistan, and a translator of Öcalan’s books. The English version of Öcalan’s ‘Sociology of Freedom’ was published earlier this ear and is the third volume of his Manifesto for a Democratic Civilisation.

See https://pmpress.org.uk/product/the-sociology-of-freedom for more info about the book.

To join the Zoom discussion contact scottishsolidaritywithkurdistan@outlook.com to be sent the link. The meeting will also be livestreamed on

www.facebook.com/ScottishSolidaritywithKurdistan and


What is the week of action about?

Over the last 9 years, the Rojava Revolution has built up a democratic and ecological system in North and East Syria. This social, political and economic system has women’s liberation at its core, and seeks to establish an anti-capitalist economy and a decentralised, state-less system of governance. The achievements of the Revolution, driven by the people of North and East Syria and the Kurdish Freedom Movement, have given strength and vision to radical political organisers and activists around the world, and opened up new possibilities of imagining what kind of world we can create. However, the people and the revolutionary project in North and East Syria is under threat from constantly increasing attacks from the Turkish state, whose authoritarian and fascist government sees the system in North and East Syria as a threat to its internal oppression of Kurdish communities.

The week of action starts on the 1st November, World Kobanê Day, which marks the heroic resistance of the people of Kobanê against Islamic State in 2014. With the resistance of Kobanê, which marked the beginning of the end of the self-proclaimed Islamic State caliphate, a global movement of solidarity, resistance and common struggle began to grow.

Today, this movement organises itself across all borders and defends our hope for humanity. The revolution of Rojava became the inspiration for people and struggles worldwide, because then as now, there is more to defend in Rojava than just the land, the cities and the villages. With the Autonomous Self Administration of North and East Syria, society has created a living example of a free and democratic future for the Middle East, beyond local despotism and foreign domination.

On the basis of the equal coexistence of all peoples living in the region, the liberation of women, an ecological and needs-oriented way of life and economy, and an unprecedented form of radical democracy, an alternative system to solve the crisis is flourishing in Northern Syria, amidst the chaos, destruction and suffering of war.

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