Kurdish Tuesdays with Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan: Democratic Confederalism


On Tuesday 19th of May we co-hosted a meeting of Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan’s series Kurdish Tuesdays. Taking place every two weeks, these are an opportunity for us to discuss ongoing issues in and related to the different parts of Kurdistan – the next one will be on June 2nd with Jan Fermon, the Belgian lawyer who led the case defending PKK members from terrorism charges, which resulted in the organisation’s successful de-listing. For this week one of our organisers Viyan was interviewed by another, Nik, on the political system in North-East Syria/Rojava and her reflections on political organising in the UK following her time as an internationalist civil volunteer. We also had plenty of time for questions and discussion from people in the call and commenting on Facebook.

To download the recording see here, and for a detailed overview of democratic confederalism in North-East Syria see the Rojava Information Center report here.

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