Afrîn/Rojava – Call to action for all international environmental and ecological organizations

This is a call from the Mesopotamia Ecology Movement, 08.02.2018, Diyarbakir (Amed)

The military attack of the Turkish state in Afrîn, the western part of Rojava respectively the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, has entered its 20th day. This war of aggression has raised serious concerns by peace campaigners and smpathizers in Turkey and the world. The war against Afrîn gravely affects all parts of society and threatens to displace people in big numbers and further destablisise the surrounding region. Every day the civilian losses increase and tens of thousands of people are faced with forced displacement.

Wars cause untold destruction on the environment and human health. The continuation of this attack on Afrîn will result in the irreversible devastation of the natural environment. News has reached us that tens of thousands of olive trees have already been damaged or destroyed. Last week air-dropped bombs damaged the Meydanki Dam to such an extent that it no longer supplies drinking water to the city of Afrîn. If this large dam breaks entirely, a considerable number of people, homes and livelihoods could be destroyed. We have to clearly condemn those responsible for starting and perpetuating this conflict to avoid irreperable damage to the human and natural world.

We call upon all people and organizations in the world who are concerned about humanity, peace and the environment to stand together and apply international pressure on the Turkish Government.

Let us stop this war!

That the conflict in Afrîn has been named opration ‘olive branch’ ─ a symbol for peace throughout history ─ shows the continued efforts to manipulate the truth. During the Syrian War, numerous crimes against humanity have been perpetrated, particularly by the so called ‘Islamic State’ and Al Qaida structures. The use of such groups in the attack on Afrîn in front of the eyes of the world demonstrates the severity of the situation.

Let us stand together in solidarity with the people of Afrîn to say that another world is possible!

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