Kurdish People in UK Concerned about Well-Being of Leader Abdullah Ocalan


The “Democratic Kurdish Peoples Assembly in UK” raises major concern about the well-being and safety of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The Turkish AKP Government has prevented contact with Ocalan’s lawyers and family since September 2016. Recent rumours and discussions in the Turkish media as to whether he is still alive has created grave concerns amongst the Kurds in Turkey, Middle East and Europe including the UK.

The vague explanations given during interviews by the Mayor of Bursa province, where Imrali Island is located has added to the concerns. For the past 6 years, the pretext that has been given by the authorities is technical issues relating to the transportation from mainland to the island. We do not comprehend that transportation is not available and that this is used to continuously prevent family and lawyers from visiting Ocalan.

Ocalan is the undisputed leader of the Kurdish Freedom Movement and millions of Kurdish people. His relentless efforts offering a solution to the Kurdish question through peaceful means is well documented., especially through the negotiations with the Turkish state that collapsed in 2015.

Erdogan’s AKP Government is directly responsible for the security and health of Ocalan and any harm that may be suffered by him. His lawyers and family have the right to receive direct information about his situation.

We call on the Committee for Prevention of Torture to intervene to ensure that the necessary information needed in this situation is obtained.

We call on all Kurdish and democratic groups to take action and demand an explanation over Ocalan’s health and security situation.

We call on the international forces which handed Ocalan over to Turkey on 15th February 1999 to intervene in the name of humanity and their collective responsibility in his captivity and later trial which was found to be unfair and he was found to be subjected to psychological torture, under European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR).

We shall continue to be vigilant and consistently campaigning until this matter is heard by the UK Government and media and a credible set of information is received about Ocalan.

Democratic People’s Assembly in UK
Roj Women Assembly in London
Taybet Ana Women Assembly in Croydon
Ozgur Roni Youth Assembly

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