Solidarity t-shirt sale – defend Rojava internationalists facing repression!

Update  – Only 3 and a half weeks left to order before 4th Feb 2023 – We’ll deliver the shirts by Valentines Day!

Kurdistan Solidarity Network Legal supports internationalist comrades who have travelled to Rojava (Kurdish-led North and East Syria) to work alongside, learn from, and support the revolution there. Many internationalists face prosecution, detention and state harassment when travelling to or from Rojava, both abroad and here in the UK.

All sales from our ‘Defend Internationalism – Defend the Women’s Revolution’ t-shirts will go to support a number of comrades who have incurred significant financial burdens due to their support for the Rojava revolution and subsequent harassment by state authorities. Supporting the women-led, direct-democratic revolution in Rojava should not be criminalized, and by purchasing these t-shirts you will help ensure internationalist comrades can keep travelling to Rojava and working to build a better world for all.

We have two beautiful designs by graphic artists Lisa Lorenz and Sam Knock, each featuring front and back artwork and the ‘Defend Internationalism – Defend the Women’s Revolution’ slogan in both English and Kurmancî Kurdish, while each is available in three colour schemes and  sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL. We are selling the t-shirts with variable prices – low/unwaged (£15), standard (£20) and solidarity (£25).

Orders to EU countries and the USA are also available!

Select any of the six options and pre-order below, and don’t delay – presales will help us to print more t-shirts, get deliveries out ASAP, and provide urgent support to comrades facing serious repression.

Defend Internationalism – Defend the Women’s Revolution!

Design 1   ‘Defend’ slogan dark green

Solidarity (£25)| Standard (£20)|Low/Unwaged (£15)

Design 2 ‘Defend’ slogan white

Solidarity |Standard (£20)|Low/Unwaged (£15)

Design 3 ‘Defend’ slogan black

Solidarity |Standard (£20)|Low/Unwaged (£15)

Design 4 Rose white

Solidarity|Standard (£20)| Low/Unwaged (£15)

Design 5 Rose light green

Solidarity )|Standard (£20)|Low/Unwaged (£15)

Design 6 Rose grey

Solidarity |Standard (£20)|Low/Unwaged (£15)

or BUY them via our online shop here!

Thanks for your continued solidarity.



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