Solidarity Message to mark the 39th anniversary of the founding of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK)

Statement by Peace in Kurdistan

We send our greetings of solidarity and friendship to the PKK and Kurdish freedom fighters on the occasion of its anniversary on 27 November 2017.

Some 39 years ago the party was founded to give voice to the legitimate demands of the Kurdish people and to organise to win their democratic and human rights and their recognition as a people.

Through periods of great adversity and repression the party, under the leadership of Abdullah Ocalan, has retained tremendous loyalty of the people by its unswerving commitment to basic principle and by clearly voicing the people’s demand for freedom.

Its strength is derived from its deep roots in the local communities of Kurdistan and by its determination to put right the historic injustices inflicted on the Kurdish people.

Over the past year some tremendous victories have been won by the Kurds with the defeat of the scourge of ISIS which inflicted countless sufferings on innocent civilians. The ideas of Ocalan and the support of the PKK have been integral to the success of Kurdish political mobilisation inside Syria.

Through their efforts Rojava has become a cause not of the Kurds alone but of all those who want to see a more democratic form of society built in the Middle East and more broadly.

Assailed by the Turkish State, the resistance of the Kurdish people has only grown stronger. Their resilience is attributed to the determined leadership and organisation of the PKK.

The party has offered the leadership and political vision that are essential in these times of crisis and adversity.

Its remarkable resilience has been shown repeatedly by its ability to respond creatively to successive challenges and changing threats.

In the process of struggle, the PKK has shown itself capable of inspiring the people and by winning their loyalty it has built a mass popular movement. The people give the party a solid support base and this unity of party and the people will carry it forward until the goal of liberation is within their grasp.

The Kurds are now looking to the future where democratic confederalism provides new forms of social organisation and management of public affairs based on the fundamental premise of popular participation.  This system of democratic confederalism has been tried and implemented in Rojava, the Kurdish region of Syria liberated from both ISIS and the Syrian State.

The ideas of Ocalan and the PKK have moved beyond the confines of their immediate support base within the Kurdish community to reach outwards to people across the world who draw their inspiration from the courage of the men and women of Rojava.

The uncertain politics of Turkey, the instability of the Kurdish region and surrounding neighbourhood, mean that the movement and its ideas are needed more than ever.

Your party has shown great strengths after nearly forty years of political struggle and it has wisely exercised its vanguard role in the leadership of the Kurdish people.

We salute your successes while recognising that the struggle of the Kurds for their legitimate rights will need to continue with renewed vigour in the face of current challenges until peace is ultimately achieved as it surely will be.

Over the years, the PKK has proved itself to be a formidable force that has won the loyalty of its people. It is undeniably an essential partner in any future peace settlement.

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