New book – ‘Struggles for autonomy in Kurdistan’

Cover image for siteKurdistan is currently divided between four countries: Iraq, Iran, Syria
and Turkey. In each of the parts of Kurdistan, Kurdish identities and
cultures have been repressed for generations. This book, by Eliza Egret
and Tom Anderson, gathers together first-hand accounts of the struggles
for a new society taking place in Bakur and Rojava - the parts of
Kurdistan within the borders of Turkey and Syria.

The setting up of local assemblies and co-operatives, as well as radical
women's and ecological movements, are rapidly gathering momentum in
Kurdistan. The book gives a simple introduction to democratic
confederalism, the idea that has inspired many of those involved in
these movements.

The book also compiles accounts from Kurdish people who are oppressed by
the state of Turkey and profiles some of the companies that are
complicit in their repression. the interviews give suggestions of how
people outside of Kurdistan can act in solidarity.

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Download it for free here.

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