Turkish army continues to target SDF west of Manbij

The Turkish army continues to target positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) west of Manbij city in northern Syria. Turkish forces bombed the SDF-held towns of Arima and Kawkali on Friday evening.

Local sources reported that the Turkish army heavily bombarded SDF positions in both towns, located about 20 kilometers west of Manbij, using heavy machine-guns and artillery fire.

This is not the first time the Turkish army targets the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces in western Manbij. On 17 January, Turkey’s military launched a similar attack, targeting SDF headquarters.

Last Monday, the Turkish army also shelled the Kurdish district of Afrin in northwestern Aleppo, targeting the villages of Maranaaz, Vilat al-Qadi and Sheikh Issa after entering the Syrian territory. The Turkish media confirmed the shelling.

“Turkish army and affiliated terrorists are heavily shelling east Efrin [Afrin] from Azaz city since Monday evening — the attacks continued until the moment,” the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) said in a statement.

Kurdish officials have condemned Turkey’s attempts to build border walls near Kobani, Efrin and Hasakah province, and entering Syrian territory.

On Thursday, clashes took place between Turkey-backed rebels and Syrian government forces new the city of al-Bab in northern Syria. However, Russia intervened to stop the clashes.

Currently, both Syrian government forces and Turkey’s military –along with allied rebels– are competing to take control of the al-Bab city, where ISIS still holds positions.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg

Source: ARA News

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