Fundraiser to support victims of war

The Y.B.T is a group of volunteer medics who provide life saving intervention to casulties on the front line in the war against the Islamic State in the Middle East.
The team consists of multinational volunteers with Americans, Germans and British currently making up the team.
Operating mainly within the Northen area of Syria we are able to go forward with the Kurdish YPG and the SDF, to the heart of the conflict areas where we can assist the wounded.
Our role is the stabilisation and evacuation of both combatant and non combatants. A task we were able to perform to great effect during the Manbij campaign, when we were able to successfully treat and evacuate over three hundred and fifty  casualties.
We are asking for donations to help up to restock on supplies and maintain our ambulance in anticipation of the next stage of the campaign to liberate the city of Raqqa.
We are expecting it to be a bitterly contested fight against an enemy that is both well positioned and determined. With your help we will be able to ensure we have sufficient to treat everybody to the best of our abilities.
Your donations will be used to purchase equipment in Europe and America that is hard to obtain in Syria and to also transport that equipment to the areas it is needed.
You can see our Facebook page here where we post regular updates on the teams activities.

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