Êzidî youths: We demand an autonomous and free Shengal

Youths from the Êzidî town of Shengal, South Kurdistan stated that they want an autonomous Shengal in order that their security and defense be secured.


The Êzidî community has suffered countless genocides throughout their history, the last one of which was perpetrated by ISIS gangs in Shengal on August 3, 2014 in Shengal.

In the last firman (an ordinance or decree issued by the sovereign) against the Êzidîs, the armed forces meant to defend the people in Shengal abandoned the Êzidîs and fled. After the last firman, Êzidî community established their own armed forces YBŞ and YJŞ in order to mount self-defense. The Êzidî community has now decided to govern themselves autonomously.

Speaking to ANF, youths from Shengal said they demand autonomy for a free life without the sovereignty of any other power.


Emer Xidir said they want neither the pre-2014 Shengal nor the present Shengal whose fate is unclear.

“Before the genocide, Shengal was under the occupation of governments and it was ruled by various political parties and several people. At the moment, people of Shengal are living in their land but everyone plans to sacrifice Shengal for their political purposes. Every party makes plans and projects on Shengal, defending that this region belongs to them. However, nobody asks the Shengalis what they want. We demand a Shengal that is not dependent on any other administration. This is because of the fact that the Êzidî people would suffer another genocide if Shengal remains dependent. For this reason, I want an autonomous Shengal.”


Another youth İdo Şekir said some political parties have employed dirty policies against the Êzidîs, stressing that no witness of the latest Êzidî genocide will accept the policies of these parties.

Şekir emphasized that they will not allow other forces to govern Shengal, and that the Êzidî people will always remain worried and concerned unless Shengal becomes free and autonomous.

Şekir called on all the displaced Êzidîs to turn back to Shengal and support the YBŞ and YJŞ [Shengal – Women’s Resistance Units] defending their homeland.

Lastly, Şekir said: “We want to be autonomous rather than being dependent on the regional government or Iraq. We want an autonomous and free Shengal, and that every territory and region has self-administration and governs itself.”



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