Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) of Rojava, issued a written message and a video to mark the November 25 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and said that with the struggle inherited from Mirabal sisters, Zilan’s, Sakine’s and Arin’s, there is a relentless fight against violence of all types against women and the resistance will continue.

The YPJ message is as follows:

“The values of humanity and society created by the women are destroyed and looted today in different ways by the male hegemonic mind. Against this loot, it is women still who defend life with their labor, creativity and peaceful efforts. The women and life attempted to be destroyed by the patriarchal mind see the solution in the power of women again with the experience carried over from the roots of history.

The image of the submissive, slave woman devised by the patriarchal mind will be torn down with the women’s will and the fight of the women’s commitment.

A new society and a new women’s reality has been created by the women’s revolution. The revolution that came to life in Rojava under the leadership of women has given a voice to women everywhere.

Fighting with the philosophy of free life, YPJ has created thousands of insurgent and resisting women. The Mirabal Sisters’ legacy has been taken up by Zilan’s, Sakine’s and Arin’s, and a relentless fight has been fought against all types of violence against women.

With our struggle against the ISIS gangs, a reflection of the patriarchal mind in the battle fields, hundreds of women have been saved from the gangs’ cruelty.

Within the women’s revolution with historic steps taken, we as the YPJ promise all women everywhere once more to always carry the struggle ever further.”

The video includes comments from the people of Rojava and Northern Syria and analyses by YPJ fighters and shows different footage from war fronts.


Source: Firat News Agency

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