A night with Rojava in London, 3 Dec at 18.30


Jiyar Gol, Zeynep Kurban, Kamran Matin, Margaret Owen & Hemen Seyedi

Jiyar Gol
BBC World bilingual reporter and documentary filmmaker Jiyar Gol focuses on Middle East conflict zones. Many of his recent reports have examined the role of women in the fight against IS in Syria and Iraq. He has produced numerous documentary films including “Inside Kobane”,”The Lost Daughter of Halabja” , “A Tale of Two Soldiers” and “Cricking Walls, Internet in Iraq”.

Zeynep Kurban
Zeynep Kurban is representing the Re-build charity, and will give us an update about the situation in Kobane, and inform us on how we can help Re-build Kobane while helping it’s inhabitants with urgent needs.
More info on Re-build charity: http://re-build.help/

Kamran Matin:
Kamran Matin is Associate Professor of International Relations at the University of Sussex, UK, where he teaches international history of the Middle East and international theory. He is the author of ‘Recasting Iranian Modernity: International Relations and Social Change’ (Routledge 2013), and co-editor of ‘Historical Sociology and World History: Uneven and Combined Development over the Longue Duree’ (Rowman & Littlefield International, 2016). Kamran is also the co-convenor of the Historical Sociology Working Group of ‘British International Studies Association’ (BISA), a management committee member at Sussex’s ‘Centre for Advanced International Theory’ (CAIT), a steering committee member of Middle East and North Africa Centre at Sussex (MENACS), and the co-editor of Palgarve’s new book series ‘Minorities in West Asia and North Africa’ (MIWANA).
Title of his talk: The meaning of Kobane

Margaret Owen is a human rights lawyer, a Patron of Peace in Kurdistan and Director of the international NGO Widows for Peace through Democracy
She has visited Rojava twice and campaigns vigorously to get its democratic administration recognised and supported as it fights the ISIS, is home to many IDPs, promotes so constructively gender equality, and is a beacon of light and hope in the midst of a civil war in a region where traditionally the status of women is low.
Title of her talk: The Miracle of Rojava

Hemen Seyedi was born in a family with a strong political background in the Kurdish city of Mahabad, Iran and was involved in politics in 1990s.
Based in UK since 2008, he has been working with BBC Persian as an independent political analyst since 2010, contributed to VOA Kurdish and Farsi since 2012, and Radio Free Europe, Radio Farda since 2013; writing several articles for their online service and taking part in live debates about current and historical events related to Kurds in Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria.
He passed International Studies course in Birkbeck College in 2012-2013 and BA Global Politics and International Relation in 2013-2016. He is currently studying in Masters course in Middle East in Global Politics.
Title of his talk: The emergence of third force in the Middle East

Photo Projection
Maryam Ashrafi

Paris-based Iranian freelance photojournalist Maryam Ashrafi has been covering Kurdish issues in Northern Iraq, Syria and Europe for the past three years. Her main focus is on the experiences of Kurdish women on the frontline, and on their daily lives in conflict areas, as she believes they fight for their rights as Kurds while also proving their abilities as women in a male-dominated society. In this context, Maryam travelled to Kobane few weeks after its liberation in 2014, where she reported on the lives of the fighters behind the frontline as well as the displaced people who were returning to the area. A subject she returned to and continued her work on in 2015.
Title of her photo projection: Raising Among Ruins, Dancing Amid Bullets

Awat Aftooz: Piano, Ney
Kawa Bahrami: Guitar
Lucy Tasker: Clarinet

Ticket: £5
* The collected amount will go toward the rebuilding of schools in Kobane

Event organiased by Rojhalat Cultural Centre

Ealing Green Church
Ealing Green, London, W5 5QT

Contact number for more information:

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