First university of Rojava opens in Qamishlo

Rojava University has opened in Qamishlo city. The university will provide service with the faculties of oil, petrochemistry, agriculture, education, language and literature.The opening ceremony of the university was attended by a number of officials from Rojava, West Kurdistan, including Cizîr Canton Autonomous Administration Co-Presidents Abdülkerim Saruhan and Hayfa Arabo, Northern Syria Federation Co-Presidents Mensur Selim and Hediye Yusuf and Cizîr Canton Legislative Assembly Co-President Hakim Xalo.

Speaking here, Northern Syria Federation Co-President Hediye Yusuf stated that opening of a university in a land where people fall martyr under battle conditions has a major importance in terms of creating social enlightenment, democratic unity and a society living in fraternity.

Yusuf stressed that young people are dying in the battle field every day and that this university opens today over the values they have created. She remarked that the goal of the Rojava University was to develop a new mentality, a new sense of community, a new culture of democracy and the culture of peoples’ co-existence.

Hediye Yusuf said their ultimate goal was to create a democratic society and to have it serve as a model to the region.

Speaking after, Education Minister Mehmet Salih Abdo said the Rojava Revolution had many aspects, the primary of which was education that would bring the true change.

Describing the opening of the university as a well-established step, Mehmed Salih Abdo thanked everyone that contributed to this process.

The Minister of Education stressed that they would destroy the hopes of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, remarking that the Turkish state’s all plans on Rojava are being frustrated by the assured Northern Syria Federation.

Academic Dr. Ahmet İbrahim said they were assuring their free and democratic future by opening this university, and he also extended his thanks to everyone who has provided a contribution.

The cultural session of the opening ceremony began after messages sent from Kobanê and Efrîn cantons were read out.


Source: Firat News Agency

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