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We are concerned about the BBC’s coverage of the Raqqa operation, which oscillates between false and negligent.

We urge the BBC to stick to rigorous fact checking, and not base its news coverage on incomplete and biased reports, before spreading news such as seen last week, claiming that ‘it is problematic that the predominantly Kurdish forces, with the help of the US, are making a push for Raqqa, which is mainly Arab, as the Kurds have been known to expel Arabs from the villages that they have liberated.’ This claim is based on a report by Amnesty International from October 2015. If the BBC references this report, it should also consider the Rojava administration’s response to it and consult other experts on the issue.

To clarify: the YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) launched the ‘Wrath of Euphrates’ operation to liberate Raqqa on 5 November. The groups participating in the Raqqa operation alongside the YPG and YPJ are Liwa Suqur Raqqa, Liwa Tahrir, Liwa Shuhada Raqqa, Katibat Shuhada Hamam al-Turkman, Liwa Ahrar Raqqa, Liwa Thuwwar Tel Abyad and the Syriac Military Council. This means Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen and Assyrians are fighting alongside each other. An important number of those participating in the operation are people from Raqqa. The post-liberation process of the city will be directed by the Raqqa Military Council. The Kurds are going to withdraw after liberation. Hence, Raqqa is going to be governed by Raqqans. Just like al-Hawl, al-Shaddadi and Tal-Abyad are governed by their local populations.

Rojava is not only the most stable region of Syria, but also the most inclusive (gender, ethnic, religious, refugees), open and transparent for academics, journalists and others who wish to visit to get a more nuanced account of its internal dynamics.

The BBC has an important role in shaping public opinion, and spreading false and incomplete information about the practices of the SDF is extremely counter-productive for those involved in this existential fight, and those supporting these efforts abroad.

We urge the BBC to consult with experts and double check its primary and secondary sources used, before spreading false news and harming information when covering the Raqqa operation.

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