House raids in 4 cities: 39 people detained


NEWS CENTER- 33 people have been detained in house raids in Muş, Adana and İzmir. Six Kurdish students detained in Ankara have been reported as “bombers” by mainstream media.

Soldiers of Muş Gendarmerie Command conducted house raids in the Kavar village of Muş city center in the morning. Citizens named Lokman Akpolat, Ziver Solgun, Ceyhan Aktaş, Şükran Akpolat and Celal Akpolat were detained in the raid. The reason for detention is unknown yet and detained people were taken to the Muş Gendarmerie Command. After the procedures were complete, Celal was released and Şükran was released under judicial supervision after being sent to Muş Courthouse. Four people have been taken under detention.

12 people detained in İzmir

Police conducted house raids in the Çamlıkulu Neighborhood of İzmir’s Buca district and detained 12 people. The detained people were taken to İzmir Police Headquarters.

At least 15 people detained in Adana

Police conducted simultaneous house raids in Adana. At least 15 people, including children, were detained in the house raids and the detained people were taken to Adana Police Headquarters.

Students reported as “bombers” in Ankara

Ankara has been blockaded due to 93rd Anniversary of the Republic. Police conducted house raids in the morning and detained six students of Ankara University. Pro-government media organs reported the students as “bombers”.

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